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About Hestia

Need more details? Please check our full documentation for detailed information on how to use Hestia.

Remote Support

Our remote repair service makes it easy for our technicians to connect and fix your issues, no matter where you are, no matter what device you are using.


On-site Support

Our technicians come to YOU, on site and get things back up and running fast!


Monitored IT Services

We implement monitored solutions for your business! We stay ahead of the competition, and keep you protected from costly downtime. Our technicians can monitor your enviornment around the clock and stay in front of any issues.



Network Consulting

Our team works with with you to make sure your network and wireless devices are working their best. Whether setting up a new network or fixing your existing enviornment, we can help!


Technology Awareness

CloudIT Austin helps educate our clients on industry leading technologies. We take a deep dive into your needs and wants then suggest the best products and solutions to improve productivity and boost efficiency.


Cabling and Infrastructure

Structured cabling is the wiring infrastructure that runs throughout your building and offices that provides your data, telecommunication, voice, security, VOIP, and many other internet and computer network services. It includes everything from wall plates and jacks, to the wiring, ports, and connective hardware.


  • Super friendly guy. Fixed my issues perfectly and efficiently! He’s super knowledgable, Process was Quick and easy

    Akshay Pradeep Avatar Akshay Pradeep

    Unreal service! Computer crashed and he had it back up and running in less than an hour (board needed a reset that I wasnt capable of.) It was so fast and easy... he even came to pick it up!

    Russell Miller Avatar Russell Miller

    We worked with Anthony over the phone and good lord was he helpful, explained everything very clearly and made sure everything was transparent with process. Truly the experience was one of professionalism and kindness. When we talked on the phone there was no time limit and he slowly explained everything. Even when there was a tool he didn’t have that was need for my repair he took no time in ordering it even if it was just a one time use. Very friendly guy and super easy to work with. I recommend him to anyone with computer issues, very knowledgeable. Thanks Anthony!

    Diego G Avatar Diego G

    Amazing service!!

    John Gonzalez Avatar John Gonzalez
  • Anthony helped me get my dinosaur of a laptop working again and provided me with great communication every step of the way. He even picked it up from my house and dropped it off when it was done. He also gave me a thorough consultation with all of my options, and I really appreciate his genuine attitude. Highly recommend his services.

    Jessica Cawthorne Avatar Jessica Cawthorne

    Anthony w/ CloudIT was so very helpful and was able to solve my rural internet issues!! First of all, he isn't greedy with his time. He took the time to come out to the ranch I manage, which is pretty far & rural, and did a complete assessment of the whole area and then gave me a list of the exact items I needed to purchase in order to get some sort of system in place. He didn't rush or act impatient and took his time so he could provide the best service possible. He then drove back out and hooked everything up, which consisted of a hotspot device, antennas, and some other complicated devices that I wouldn't have ever been able to figure out! Afterward, he monitored the connections remotely, just to make sure they were still working correctly! He is easily reachable and will actually communicate with his clients, which is so rare nowadays! I'm very pleased with Anthony from CloudIT and will hire them for all my internet problems going forward!

    Laurie Parker Avatar Laurie Parker

    Tech was knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. He resolved my problem, explained what happened, what he did to fix it and was affordable. I definitely recommend his services.

    Stan Thrash Avatar Stan Thrash

    Tony just makes it easy. 10 stars!

    John Harkey Avatar John Harkey